Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Culturals

hey our culturals hav strtd n our class has had a banging start,,,strde v got 2 places in TDH....n qualified 5 places out of 6 in dumbchrds...hopin 2 carry out our winnin streak....keeep rockin ppl

Sunday, February 24, 2008

CRICKT the money machine

welll ver do i syart abt the indian cricket team they r a bunch of ppl...who pull out a win ven v least xpct n loose ven v least thought...but i must say,they r multi-talented from movies 2 ads 2 anythin other than cricket..they perform abv par xcellence...n now the board has started THE IPL...wat r they tryin to do....killl the spirit of the game totally eh???...peoples own gains r killing the spirit of the game...n also the development of the game at the rural levels....n the worst part is since cricket has been hyped up so much in our country that...other sports hav next to no importance..wen will ppl wake up n realise that cricket is jus a GAME!!!